Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Camera!!!

With our tax returns, we decided to use a little bit of it to spoil me- since we just bought Ian a fancy new laptop, we figured I was owed some fancy new stuff [all of which cost less than his laptop!] So.... I decided to get a new flat iron- and any women settling for something less than a CHI ceramic flat iron is just wasting time doing their hair! I LOVE this flat iron- no more weird flips, body bumps, frizzy hair... and I've straightened all of my hair in a 4th of the time! Here's a pic:

Also, I bought a new purse- well, actually 4 purses in one. It's called the Miche bag- there is a basic bag and then there are magnetic shells that go over it to change the style of the bag to match your outfit- I don't have pictures of it yet because it doesn't arrive until this week- I'll post pictures when I do have it though!

And lastly, I got a new camera- FINALLY! I have had my eye on the Nikon D40 for a long time now and I am SO glad we finally have it! I can take pictures a lot better and a lot faster- with a lot better quality. Every parent should have a good quality camera- I'm just upset we waited so long! So, you'll be seeing a lot more pictures on my blog [I think I took over 300 pictures on the day it arrived in the mail!] :) So here's a picture of my old manual film camera my dad bought me for high school graduation:
Here's the silly little compact digital camera we've been using since a little before Serra was born [would NOT recommend it to anyone!]:
And here is my new snazzy camera [sorry the picture of it stinks, but I can't use it to take a picture of it... so I had to use my silly camera one last time- and believe me, it was the LAST time!]:


Amy said...

Hooray for a new camera! It looks awesome!

The Mendes Family said...

Yay for new snazzy cameras and things for Kristen! You deserve it! Plus, your birthday's coming up anyway, that's my thought.