Friday, May 22, 2009

I love sunny weather!

Serra and I have both missed our daily walks! But now it's the right weather for us to do it again. And we've joined our same walking buddies- with one new addition [my best friend, Abby had a baby in April- so she's joined us on our walks]. Anyway, here are some cute pics I've taken recently.

This is Serra sharing a stroller with her buddy, Benjamin- and his baby sister in her own stroller.

I love this picture because this is what Serra does for most of our walks- stuff her face! [Another great reason we love sunny weather- fruit is in season!!!]


Amy said...

I love going walking! I have a couple walking buddies up here too. I love your conversion of a single stroller into a double. I fit 3 kids into my double stroller too! I can walk much faster that way... and get a nice upper body workout too! :)

Love, The Riemans said...

I too loved the conversion of a single stroller into a double--I wish I had a pic of how we use our single to walk around the neighborhood. Trace is in it the normal way, Brady rides on the front facing Trace, standing on the foot bar, and Kalen actually fits himself, rolled up, in the (ready for this) basket underneath!! I promise that wasn't my idea, but his, and he loves it!

Christina MacGregor said...

That is the cutest picture I've seen of Serra! And walks are very fantastic- I need to go on more of those in this nice California weather. BTW, I just started a blog! It is:
So if you want to see what Brandon and I are up to, you can go there. Or just talk to Gavin. Or Mom and Dad actually. LOL Hope to see you soon!