Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spoiled Rotten and Bad Weather

I get comments all the time about how I spoil Serra... but if I can provide something I see no reason to withhold it just because someone else thinks she's spoiled for getting nearly everything she wants! :) So, I bought her a slide- her favorite part of the playgrounds. And since we had good weather last Saturday, we decided to try it out. Unfortunately, we've had nothing but snow since- so Serra wants to go on her slide and I get to say "no way- not today!" Here are some pictures of her on the slide for the first time.
She had a little trouble figuring out how to sit at the top by herself- we call this maneuver "Serra Splits"

Finally sitting at the top- and so proud of herself!



Michelle said...

There is never too much spoiling!! Now when she throws the tantrum on the floor of the store because you say no to something and then you give in then yes that is spoiling!! lol!! I see nothing wrong with your theory I think it is great you are able to do that..And think how much money it will save in the long run because you won't be using gas everytime you want to play outside!! Enjoy!

~Amanda~ said...

So fun!
Jill keeps asking to go outside, too! She says that she can stay warm, but I say that I can't! Where is spring!?!

The Mendes Family said...

That is so cute! And you do not spoil Serra. Please!