Friday, April 10, 2009

First Egg Hunt!

Serra's Aunt Lorie sent her some Easter eggs filled with goodies, so we decided to give her some practice for the Easter egg hunts we have planned this weekend... I hid the eggs in the front room [which she never goes into] with the idea that we would go hunting after her nap. Well, a few minutes later I found her munching on some candy! Oh well! So we went ahead and did the egg hunt BEFORE her nap. :) Here are my favorite pictures.Finding an egg by the plant.

Showing us that there is CANDY in the eggs!

Another egg on the table.

Serra surrounded by her eggs, eating her candy.

Are you SURE there aren't more under the couch?...


The Mendes Family said...

So cute!! I looove the pictures! Serra is so funny...and sneaky. That's amazing she had it found and candy out before mom knew what was going on. That a girl!

Amy said...

Such a cutie! I love aunt Lorie!

Nana said...

How beautiful she is becoming! I can see her mother and father in that sweet face. How her grandma and grandpa would love to squeeze her!