Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paige!

My little sister turns 24 today- which means I'm older, but I'm choosing to ignore that fact today. ;) I just wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of the two of us and tell her how much I love her- I always have.
While I also love my brother, there is definitely a uniquely different bond between Paige and I- a bond that only sisters can have.We've helped each other through a lot of things, been there for each other, laughed together, cried together. Growing up we shared a room at first, but my parents split us up because of the fighting. Funny enough, we always held "sleepovers" in each others rooms after that. We need our space, but just not TOO much space.I've enjoyed living close to her and having her come over to hang out and play with Serra. She was there for the birth, and a lot of the struggles as well as milestones! I can't imagine my life without my little sis in it.
It makes me really sad to know that someday we'll be moving up to Idaho away from her. While it's only 3 hours away, I know that will mean we won't see each other as often. I'll miss dropping by her school randomly, going out to eat, shopping together on Saturdays, and all the other things we enjoy now.
I hope that the things I do for her today can make up for what might be missing on her future birthdays when I may not be as close.I love you, Paige, I'm proud of you and the person you've become- here's to another 24 years!


The Mendes Family said...

What a sweet post Kristen. I especially loved the picture of you and Paige as kids. What cuties!

~Amanda~ said...

What a great sister! Both of you!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Paige! I totally know what you mean about the special bond between sisters. Lorie and I had a little thing that said "Sisters are special" on it when we were growing up.