Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Bye, Bye Pacifier!"

Without telling me, Ian put Serra down for her nap last Saturday- binkie-less! She didn't even fuss. So he told me and we decided that maybe it was time to take them away. You would have thought they never even existed! She didn't ask for them, or fuss at naps or night time... until she found our pacifier hiding spot. I couldn't stand throwing them away until I KNEW she would be fine without them. Well, I didn't "hide" them very well and she found them and immediately wanted them. [This was yesterday]. And she keeps bringing her "Bye, Bye Pacifier!" book to us- I think to tell us what she's wanting. After long debate, we decided that if we gave them back to her now, it would just make it that much harder when we took them away again. So they're still gone- she hasn't found them- and life is starting to get back to normal again today. Hopefully she can forget all about them again- I have planned to throw them out officially this Saturday. Wish us luck!


Love, The Riemans said...

Good luck! My first two didn't take a pacifier, but Trace you'll have to remind me of the tricks when it's time for him to say "Bye, Bye Pacifier!"

~Amanda~ said...

I haven't had this problem, but I do have a suggestion if it gets to hard. You can have a "Binky Fairy" come. Tell her the night before that the Fairy is coming and explain that once she's come, there wont be any binkies left because the Fairy took them. But the next morning, have a treat, like a new toy or something, waiting for her from the "Binky Fairy" so that she's getting something in exchange. This can also work for blankets or other baby things. I've had friend's try it and it's worked. It does appear that your little one is ready - they grow up so fast!!!