Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas with Ian's family. Christmas Eve I got to play "Santa" with the rest of the women- here is our stockings laid out on the couch.

With 16 people, the Christmas tree was just a little crowded...

Here we are Christmas morning with our Christmas Eve pajamas- and something a little extra. :)

Serra was very excited about all the toys she got- before we left, we opened the big gifts and gifts from my family. Some of the presents opened then are a kitchen, table & chairs, shopping cart, Little People doll house, a new baby doll, and some cute outfits. In Ridgecrest with Ian's family, she opened up a mop and broom, vacuum, washer, books and tons more. Ian's main gift was a big stack of DVDs and PC games we bought at Black Friday sales. My main gift was a red Kitchenaid- that I am super excited to use!

We hope you all enjoyed the gifts you received- and giving gifts, too. But hopefully your Christmas season also included some wonderful spiritual aspects. On Christmas Eve, I went with some of Ian's family to see a live nativity outside of their chapel. I had never seen anything like it- they were just people standing in the cold dressed as Mary, Joseph, wise men, and shepherds. They didn't really do any acting except changing positions, smiling and nodding at each other. But their dedication to what they were representing was touching. The best part was when one of the kids there wanted a closer look at the baby Jesus. It was kind of out of place to have a child dressed in a down coat and pajama bottoms standing next to a manger with shepherds and wisemen, but soon all of the children there followed suit- and I couldn't help thinking about how we're supposed to be child-like. Would any of you have left the group to walk forward and look at the baby Jesus closer?

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