Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Tree!

I finally got our Christmas tree up- it's a huge tree and takes a lot of effort and time [especially because I can only do it when Serra is asleep or she'll get tangled up in the branches and lights!] Since we won't even be home for Christmas, we decided to just do the tree and lights [and I don't want Serra taking ornaments off and bringing them to me throughout the day!] But it's still a pretty amazing tree- and we almost have all of our presents under there [man they sure look bigger now that we get toys, etc. for Serra... our presents were always so small before!] :) And yes, there are a few spots without lights, after getting the tree up a few strands decided to not work. And I've been too lazy to replace them yet!

Also, today I was putting out all of our other Christmas decorations while Serra finished her breakfast and she immediately wanted down to help me. So I decided to let her help a bit- and here's what she decorated all by herself [our favorite is Santa's sleigh flying straight up].

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