Monday, August 17, 2015

Serra Tribute

 I can't believe my little girl has turned 8!  It is hard to imagine life without her- even though I knew I existed before, it feels like I wasn't really living.  She is the light of my life- and quite the goofball too!

She participates in both gymnastics and dance- which keeps her afternoons very busy, but she loves them both so much.

 She loves dressing up- or even wearing regular dresses.  It's been a challenge, but also fun, to at times make special occasion dresses for her like this Minnie Mouse one she wore to Disneyland.

She also loves everything about nails and makeup and jewelry- the more of each the better!

She is a great artist, constantly drawing and painting things - making it very difficult to decide which ones are worth keeping...

She is full of spirit and adventure- especially when he cousin Kevin is around!  I still can't believe they willingly went on the Catapult at Lagoon, shooting them nearly 200 feet into the air!

 It's crazy the weird quirks she has picked up on- like my talent to touch my nose with my tongue [she can only reach the base, but in a few years I'm sure she can get to the tip of her nose like me!]

 Full of spunk, extremely smart, and beautiful all at the same time [I don't know how she manages it!]- I love you, Serra!  Happy birthday!

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