Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Been a While

I have no excuse other than time got away from me.  Life is fleeting and I've found myself sucked up into things that don't really matter- ignoring the things that I should be focused on and cherishing.  I've been so focused on activities for my kids that I've been missing them growing up.  I've been forcing myself to watch my food & exercise aggressively- which would be a good thing, except that it's made me focus on the end goal [that I still have yet to meet] and not appreciate how far I've come already.  I've spent so much time trying to find things to wind down by myself- watching TV, reading a book, playing games on my tablet- that my husband and I hardly do anything together anymore.  I've been so worried about making x amount of money that I'm not enjoying the shifts I'm getting, the people I'm working with, watching the participants play sports.  Even though I'm realizing this now, I don't think I'll change over night.  The rest of our summer is booked and I have things to do, yet I'm sitting at my computer typing this up.  But maybe, just maybe, now that I'm more aware things can change in my own life for the better.  I'm going to start by getting off the computer and playing with my kids and then going out with my husband to play basketball!


Michelle said...

Did you seriously read my mind! That is how I feel some days!

Kristen said...

I think it's a common thing for moms. We just don't talk about it often enough, so we don't realize we're all in the same boat and keep competing with things that don't matter as much!