Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

 On Christmas Eve, the kids insisted on leaving cookies and milk for Santa.  Serra colored a picture for him and wanted me to leave a drawing of holly so that he would know it was for him- Ian also added a nametag just in case.
 Sure enough, Santa found the cookies and milk and took Serra's picture with him!
And the stockings were stuffed by the fireplace with care!
 How the tree looked after Santa arrived!
I tried to block the stairs in hopes that if they woke up before we did they would come get us instead of going straight downstairs.  As it turned out, I woke up before they did- at 8am!

Christmas morning- the kids with their Santa gifts!

 One of my big gifts- a DS and Brain Age from Ian.

Serra gave Ian a roll-up piano.

I gave Alex a helicopter and army hat- I LOVE the face he makes when he's making it fly!

Ian gave Serra a new dress and gloves- the gloves are too big, but she'll grow into them!

Alex got a train whistle and hat in his stocking and decided to try them out later- gangsta style!

And just for giggles... on Serra's last day of school before Christmas she was allowed to wear a Christmas hat.  She chose some reindeer antlers and right when I was about to take a picture of her she said, "wait, Mommy!  I need to stand like a reindeer!"  This is what she envisions reindeer stand like... :)

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope all of you did too!  MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL- and to ALL a GOOD NIGHT!

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