Friday, November 30, 2012


Serra is in gymnastics and LOVING it- her favorite thing she's learned so far is how to make a "rainbow"- and she's quite good at it!

Serra had a checkup with the nephrologist.  Everything is looking great except for 1 of the things they test in her blood [it's not at a dangerous level, it just concerns them that is still hasn't returned to fully normal levels yet].  She is also testing for blood in her urine still, so we'll be going back in a few months again to see if those things improve.

This boy CRACKS me UP!  And I love how his lashes are so long that even with his eyes squished shut you can still see the ends of them sticking out!

It was a sad day when Hostess closed... we ran to the gas station and found what would be our last Hostess brand snacks.  There weren't many left, so we had to divvy up what we could find!

Our floor was filthy [we hate our crappy vinyl flooring!], so Ian decided to handscrub the floor.  I left to run some errands and came back to find that he had scrubbed the right tiles to make it a chessboard.  Added to the list of signs that my husband is a true nerd.... 

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