Thursday, July 26, 2012

MacGregor Family Reunion

This summer we had planned to host the first official MacGregor reunion with Ian's parents and siblings.  Everyone was able to make it except Ian's youngest brother, Brandon, but his wife and newborn were there without him.  And, luckily, Serra was released from the hospital the morning of the first day too!  We had a lot of ideas planned that were kind of thrown out the window since the week prior was overtaken by Serra's condition- but everyone said it was a success and we were able to keep at least our 3 major planned events intact!  It was a fun 3 days and we look forward to when everyone else hosts too!
The girls playing some board games- we tried to just chill and play games a lot.  :) 
The boys played pool a lot too- I chose this picture to share because it's proof that even Grandpa joined in the fun! 
One of our major events was an extended-family get-together at their aunts' house in South Jordan [they have a lot of extended family in the area].  And we got to swim in their REALLY cold brand new pool [the heating wasn't put in yet].  Here are the brothers [minus the youngest who couldn't come, of course]
The boys all spent an afternoon playing basketball in the park [the only one who didn't join was Jeremy, a bro-in-law, in order to get some work done and to avoid injury :) ]
 Since it was Pioneer Day in Utah, we had our own fireworks show- after a previous incident with fireworks, Ian now lights and RUNS.  :)
We also had a date night without the kids to go rock climbing and to Cheesecake Factory.  I took lots of pictures, but didn't want to spotlight any 1 or 2 individuals and we don't really have a great shot with all of us.  Above is our third major event- a family 5k with finisher's medals! 
 We took some pictures with all the grandkids- a FIRST!  We've tried over the years when it was just 1 sister who had kids and Serra, or the 1 sister and Serra and Alex... but my kids don't really cooperate for pictures much and it never really worked out.  I was so glad to get these pictures- especially now that we have grandkids from 2 other siblings!
 One of the things that sort of fell apart was a family photo shoot- but we figured not knowing if Serra would be released in time, Brandon not being there, and finances suddenly being what they were, we backed out of that plan.  So we took an impromptu photo in front of our house- didn't turn out too bad!

Oh, and Alex claimed a new Daddy... he LOVED his Uncle Gavin!


Megan said...

How fun! I'm impressed that you hosted with Serra being in the hospital so soon before. I love family gatherings!

Kristen said...

Well, Megan, we had planned it for months and she went into the hospital quite unexpectedly- all of the family was coming from out of town [CA and WA] and some of them had already arrived in the area visiting other family. So we technically could have cancelled or post-poned, but it just didn't make a lot of sense. It would have been harder if Serra had not been released so quickly- because not only would she be in the hospital, but I would be with her most of the time too. Luckily, it all worked out perfectly! :)

Curtis & Lorie Briggs said...

I didn't see this post recap! That seriously was such a great reunion. Nicely done!!