Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Heart Pinterest

So... there's this new site that I've discovered [thanks, Paige!] and I.Love.It!  Basically, you can "pin" ideas- recipes, crafts, outfits, projects, pictures, goods, sayings- and you can categorize your pins for yourself and others to see.  People can then repin or like your pins.  It's given me lots of ideas- and given me a better way to organize all of my previously bookmarked webpages!  I've noticed that a lot of people use it as a sort of "wishing" site- they pin a million things but will never do any of it.  Because of that, I've purposely made a "Completed" category so I don't do the same!  So far I have already accomplished 2 things- with a 3rd in the works.  I'm SUPER excited about all of the other things I have pinned that I'll hopefully accomplish this year- if you want to know more you'll have to join Pinterest and follow my pins!  :)


Super Kimmie said...

What a great idea...I'm goint to create a completed board too.

Michelle said...

smart idea! Although I am having issues figuring out this whole pinterest thing..I will learn and i will try to acheive your awesomeness! Good Luck!