Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We were going to be in Southern California for a few days for a family reunion on Ian's side, so we decided that while we were so close we should go to the most magical place on earth- DISNEYLAND! And it WAS magical!

Greeting us right at the front gate was Mickey Mouse- Alex was intrigued by his giant nose [after the picture he grabbed it] and Serra was a little reserved because she still hadn't figured out where we were yet.

Serra saw the huge castle and immediately chanted "my blue castle" anytime she could see it [which was a lot that day].

The first characters we found after she realized this was a pretty cool place, she was SO excited that it was Woody & Jessie that she didn't even pose for a picture- she wanted hugs!

Serra's favorite ride was the Winnie the Pooh ride, so we got a picture of all the fam with Pooh right outside the ride- and we rode it 2 times [although Serra would have had us ride it 10... Mommy can only handle so much though]

Alex was very intrigued with the carousel. :)

Serra was a little more reserved- if she had claws, they would be stuck into the bar to help her hold on!

Such a cutie!

Serra got an umbrella with her name put on it [since we spell her name differently, it's impossible to find anything with her name on it- unless you specifically have it done!]

And now to Serra's favorite part of the day... PRINCESSES! First there was Ariel.

Then BELLE [she shouted that when she saw her]!

And then... "who are you?" Yeah... awesome, right? Luckily Serra was willing to pose with the unknown princess anyway. Looks like we need to watch Princess and the Frog again...

And Serra's ABSOLUTE FAVORITE [I mean, she's dressed like her and naturally looks like her with her blond hair, green eyes, and facial structure...] R A P U N Z E L!!!!!! Rapunzel was pretty cool- it had an hour wait, but that's because you go in her house and she talks to you for a few minutes and poses for several pictures. I guess it's because she's new to the park, but Serra was loving the 1-on-1 time.

And this was Daddy's favorite part. :)

Here are the kiddos at home sportin' their Disneyland hats [Serra got hers at her first Disneyland visit when she was Alex's age].

And, of course, we had their names embroidered on them for keepsakes. What a fun trip- totally worth the time, money, and stress!


Amy said...

So fun! I love it!

Megan said...

Wow! We were in southern California and decided against Disneyland. I've never been...maybe if I knew my babes would react the way yours did I might go. :)

Molly said...

It looks like such a fun trip to California! I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of Alex and Serra passed out in the car. So cute!