Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Pics :)

Happy 29th birthday to me!

Silly Serra! We pulled out summer clothes and Serra got her hands on one of the stickers from her new outfits.

We went to McKee's pet store- they have a free petting zoo too! Serra had a lot of fun with her local best buddy- Kyle.

We go to swim class twice a month at my gym. Ian was sick today, so he stayed out of the pool and took pictures. Here's Serra's new swimsuit- she was VERY excited to wear it for the first time today.

Since Daddy wasn't swimming, Alex got to play with his "girlfriend" the teacher- he LOVES her and insists on her holding him even over me!

And Serra's favorite part is still jumping into the pool [which she did before class started AND before I was in the pool... so she got to sit at the bottom of the pool for a few seconds until someone else snatched her and brought her back up for air. Lesson learned.]


Julie said...

So scary when they don't wait! My least favorite thing about summer because it seems to always happen sometime to someone who knows better. Ugh!

Amy said...

I bet Serra loves the petting zoo!

Cute pictures.

ME said...

we live about 30min from the beach and apparently when i was 3 or 4, i thought i could swim like everyone else and jumped into the ocean. my dad saw me jump in and got me out of the water, and they tell me i was laughing hysterically the whole time as my parents were frantic
years later and i hate swimming and the beach, go figure! hopefully serra and alex will continue having so much fun in the water!

Super Kimmie said...

Hope you had a happy birhtday!!

Steve, Crystal, Cohen & Carson said...

Cute pics! And happy birthday to you! Did you splurge on a non-healthy cake or was it made out of tofu-hahaha- either way you look amazing!!! I can't believe Alex is almost one-yeah for you!

The MacGregors said...

Thanks everyone- I did have a great birthday.

Mana- I didn't know that about you- I find it very interesting. :)

Crystal- I have an AWESOME cake and frosting recipe that's vegan, but it doesn't use tofu. However, Ian made my cake and so it's a horrible box mix with box frosting- we each took a piece and then he took the rest to work!