Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April!

Today I've recommitted myself to a lot of things. I'm going to eat better- while I think I've been eating REALLY well [better than most people], I've still been having a lot of sweets. I have a VERY sweet tooth and it's hard for me to restrict myself. But it's for the better- and I'll probably lose these last 10 pounds if I do! I have been eating vegetarian for a couple of months now and LOVING it. I seriously don't even miss meat 1 bit! This was the easiest diet change I've ever made- I've never been a huge fan of meat to begin with. The only issue I face with it is finding the vegetarian items on menus when we go out [most restaurants have at least 1 or 2 options... but when I add in my other diet changes- wanting to be vegan if possible, "clean" eating, and no sugar- it makes it even more difficult.] With all of my lifestyle changes- both diet and exercise- I have really begun to enjoy life a lot more. People have been asking me, "what DO you eat?", or "don't you want to enjoy life? you can't possibly be happy not being able to eat... [fill in the blank]". But I feel better- I look better- I'm able to do more- and I feel like I am able to eat more because all kinds of windows have been opened to me. I had no idea there were so many varieties of produce and whole grains! Trust me, I'm NOT starving!

I've also rededicated myself to using my time wisely. No more sitting in front of the computer all day [wait... what am I doing right now? Haha- I promise I've spent MAYBE 40 minutes so far today and I used to literally sit here for hours by now!] No more having a movie running constantly for Serra. I'm going to spend quality time with Serra- reading, playing, drawing, teaching her craft skills [we painted some Barbie furniture today that's drying downstairs right now]. I'm going to give more attention to Alex- holding him not just when he's crying, making sure he's getting better nutrition [sounds crazy, but I swear all we give him is grains- baby snacks, cereal, etc.- and the occasional vegetable in baby food format]. I'm going to spend any free time I have that's not already consumed with making meals, shopping, or running on doing some crafts, reading books for entertainment or learning, or spending time doing something with my husband. Luckily a lot of the TV shows that I regularly watch are going to be ending their season soon [and some of them I'm going to drop for forever after this season], so that will be able to taper off quickly too.

Sounds like a lot to tackle, but I've been thinking about a lot of it lately and have been planning for lots of this for a while. I KNOW I can do it- it's just the actual act of doing it now! I'm already a lot happier today and I can tell Serra & Alex are too. I can't believe what a bum I've been- here I am training for a marathon, nobody would think to call me a lazy bum, and yet I have been! So much of my life has been wasted just sitting around waiting for the next thing to happen- waiting for Ian to come home, waiting for it to be time for Alex's nap, waiting until it's time to make dinner. Instead of waiting, I'm going to be DOING something- here's hoping it lasts!

And of course, I have to add some pictures. :)

Alex has THE biggest "big toe" I have ever seen on a child- and he's always curling his other toes and sticking his "big toe" up which makes it worse!

Muskateer Serra- complete with horse, hat, cape and sword. Thanks, Aunt Amy [& Meredith family] ***Correction: Apparently the thanks should be going to Aunt Lorie! Sorry- I forget who gives what!*** for giving Serra the Barbie Muskateer movie- she more than a little LOVES it! And thanks Aunt Brittany [& Miner family] for the adorable cape- it works perfectly for her Muskateer ensemble- although I doubt you envisioned that!

Butterfly Serra [although it's really a fairy costume, she calls it a butterfly one.] Whenever Serra uses the potty she gets to choose a dress to wear and I was sick of her ALWAYS wearing her Snow White dress, so this was her 2nd pick- complete with heels!

And of course a cute picture of Alex. Now that he's eating "real" food it's a LOT messier!


Amy said...

Good luck with all of your changes! Looks like I'll be stuck being a meat-eating, lazy bum forever! j/k! I'm Tavish's daughter... I don't know HOW to hold still!

And I'd love to take the credit for the Barbie movie, but I'm pretty sure that was aunt Lorie. We gave her princess and the pauper a couple years back. But I'm glad she loves it! As you can tell from Emily's halloween costumes, she's a fan as well!

Love you Kristen! See you in a couple months! yay!

Love, Amy

Michelle said...

You are my inspiration..although I do not think I can over come some of the things you have(i have like no willpower! lol). You look amazing and I know your kids are going to love the one on one attention even more! I give you a thousand kudos and well wishes! Congrats on all of your upcoming changes. You are amazing your kids are amazing and you are truly an inspiration to me to try and be better and not so much a bum! Luvs!!!

Julie said...

Quite ambitious but I know you can do it! Best of luck with all of the changes! :)

ME said...

that is so awesome! we are the same age, and yet i sleep in till 11am, and lounge around all day, and sleep whenever i want now that i am on spring break. i really admire your spirit, and i hope if i ever get to have a family of my own(fingers crossed) i will have enough drive like you!!

Molly said...

Good for you! It sounds ambitious but totally doable at the same time. And the kiddos are adorable as always!