Saturday, December 11, 2010

Huge Savings

I think this comic goes really well with this time of year. Isn't it so true that we get so caught up in the money we've "saved" by shopping deals that we forget that we haven't actually saved a penny? What would happen if you actually took the money you would have spent and set it in your savings account? I think you really would be surprised by the money you saved! But instead, we keep those "savings" in our spending pool and never see it. This is something that I think as a culture we need to work hard to change. If you're a big penny-pincher or bargain shopper, you should try this- just for 1 month. Take the difference from what you WOULD have paid and what you DID pay and put it in your savings. If you were going to buy the item at full price anyway, you won't miss the extra money. Then when you find a great deal, instead of thinking you now have more money to blow somewhere else, you can think that you just put some money away- and depending on the rate of your savings, that money is going to make you some money!

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