Saturday, June 27, 2009

Guess It's Been a While

So I've kind of slacked on the blogging thing- it's hard when every time I sit down to the computer a "certain someone" constantly tries to climb on my lap so they can type instead! But this post is also about some pictures that are a little late- when we went to visit my brother's family in April, we took a family picture with all of us- as well as a bunch of others. Well, I should say THEY took pictures of us- my sister in law has gotten really good at taking pictures with their snazzy camera. Anyway, I just had to share some of my favorites- so here they are!

This is my favorite of all of us.

Here's another good one.

The MacGregors

The Miners

Kevin watching his egg getting dyed.

Ricky smiling with his Peep- he has the biggest smile of any kid I know!

My brother, Rick- the chef!

Cousins in the tub! [If you look closely you'll see Serra is screaming and Kevin is trying to cover his ears- this happened a lot.]

Serra playing in a tunnel.

Kevin and Serra holding hands.

Miner Grandkids- running to see the animals at Frying Pan Farm.

This is one of my favorites... Ricky kept running around and climbing on things and basically going places he shouldn't... well, he found a mud puddle by slipping right into it! What's funny is the shirt his parents chose that morning for him to wear- it says: I Do All My Own Stunts! :)


Megan said...

Thanks for posting those! it looks like your April trip was great and I love the MIner grandkids. You guys are amazing! and I agree with your choice of favorite group photo. I really like it.

Brandon and Christina MacGregor said...

The pictures are way cute! And I love Serra's face as she's sitting in the bathtub with her cousins. Isn't family fun? :-)

The Mendes Family said...

Those are great pictures and your hair looks really good! (because that's what's important right? I always notice the really important stuff...)

Amy said...

That shirt is awesome! I also love the apron your brother has on. And your family picture is so cute!!!