Monday, September 1, 2008

A new month... and WALKING!!!

Well, September is here- and along with it school, colder weather, and better reason to call Serra a "toddler". She's walking! It took her a while to go from walking a few steps when prompted by Mommy or Daddy to walking any chance she gets, but she's finally doing it- and getting better at it each day. Although she still resembles Frankenstein a little. We went up to Kamas, UT to visit some of my extended family and attend the Francis Frontier Days Rodeo. It was way too cold to go to a rodeo, but Serra behaved and still had fun watching the bulls and horses. We don't really have a lot else planned this month except to continue in our efforts to sell our house- and save money to do so! I've recently acquired a zeal for reading and have begun reading several books- fiction, non-fiction and self-help. I even joined a website called to log the books you read and write reviews- I only have 1 review so far, but it's been fun. Hopefully I can keep my enthusiasm! :)

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Oliver and Megan Hansen said...

I can now respomd to your comment on my blog a week or two ago: yes, Laura is pregnant!