Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Showings Left & Right

We have had several showings so far- no news from any of them yet. We should be getting comments [good and bad] that people make while in the house, but I think they only give those reports once a week on Fridays. We went up to Pocatello this last weekend to look at homes, but we haven't found any that we really liked. We finally gave up our end of the search and gave our realtors a list of wants/needs so they can try finding a home for us. Next time we go, they'll be the ones deciding which homes we see, according to our list. It should turn out good because it was our realtor last time who found the home we're currently in! Hopefully they can find something though- there are a lot of nice homes up there, but just not exactly what we're looking for so far. We'll keep you posted!

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