Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mystique Dinner Theatre

We just went on a great date- not only was it great because we dressed a little nicer than jeans or because we had someone else watching Serra, but it was also 2 for 1! So for $40 [including tip] we each got a delicious dinner including salads, rolls and cheesecake- AND a 1 1/2 hour magic show by 3 magicians from Hollywood and Vegas! As it turned out, we sat across the table from some of the owner's best friends- and the owner himself joined our table. It made for some interesting conversation and a completely different experience from everyone else. It was a great night- very fun and very memorable. And thanks again, Joan, for watching Serra- you have no idea how much I really appreciated it! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Serra's First Dance Class

We signed Serra up for dance this year- since she is always dancing, wanting music, and posing for pictures in dance-style. She loved it so much she didn't want to leave- but she wasn't exactly following what the teacher was telling her to do either. They say it takes a few weeks for them to actually get what's going on. But she was so cute in her outfit that I had to take some pictures and post them!

Serra posing still half-asleep from her late nap.

SO stinkin' cute!

Here's the backside- with her cute tiny bun!

We're obviously taking pictures on the sidewalk outside and a guy walked around the corner just minding his own business- certainly not planning on seeing us taking pictures of our 2 year old in a dance outfit. But Serra immediately sees him and shouts a VERY enthusiastic "HI!" :)