Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 2008

Well, as some of you may have heard through the grapevine, we are going to be leaving our first home and moving to Idaho. I had mentioned last month that Ian was leaving Nuvek, the company he has worked for for the last 6 or so years, and would be going to a new company. Nuvek is a subsidiary of a company called Varsity- and Varsity was a little disturbed to hear that Ian would be leaving because they knew and appreciated his hard work, work ethic, and expertise. So long story short, they sent us an offer we couldn't refuse and he quit his other job after only a week. He is already working for Varsity, but he's telecommuting from home. We went up to Pocatello, Idaho [where Varsity is headquartered] this last week so Ian could meet his new coworkers face-to-face and to familiarize ourselves with the area. We looked at a few homes to get a general idea of the neighborhoods and what kind of a home we could get for our money. We were very pleased with what we saw and can't wait to make this exciting new transition! Unfortunately, Varsity just underwent some unannounced changes that may or may not affect us. So to be on the safe side, they have postponed the need for us to relocate until further notice. Most likely it will take 2-3 months for them to iron out all the details. We will post our house after we get the green light and it will most likely take a few months to sell. So we will still be in the area until sometime this summer or fall. We are nervous about leaving so much family, but Pocatello is only 3 hours away. We are very excited to be living somewhere new and to see where this new job will take us. Ian is hoping to continue to work for them until retirement [but obviously that is a long time from now and lots can change]! If you would have told us last year when we bought our house that we would be selling it within a year and moving to Idaho, we would have told you that you were crazy! We still can't believe how quickly things have changed- and how many "coincidences" have fallen into place to make them happen. We are certainly being led in this direction. So for now we will slowly be preparing our home to put on the market in a few months and Ian will work from home, driving to Pocatello twice a month for some face-time. Serra is enjoying the changes at home- she can certainly sense our excitement. She especially loves to "help" Mommy pack by unrolling bubble wrap, sitting in boxes, and throwing packing paper around the room! I can't believe she will be 7 months soon. She is rolling all over the place and always bouncing, kicking, or wiggling in any way she can. She wants so badly to crawl but can't get her arms and legs to work together! She has her little hands into everything- she is going to be quite a handful when she is mobile, but we look forward to it. She has finally not been sick at all for a few weeks straight now- we look forward to spring and summer when illnesses don't travel around as much! Anyway, I'd better go- her naps only last so long and I have a lot to get done. :)

Ian, Kristen & Serra