Saturday, January 7, 2012


I held a Jingle Bell Jog- just a 1 miler around our neighborhood. Here we are all decked out ready to run!

This is us in our Christmas PJs from "the Elf" on Christmas Eve.

Mom & Dad's stockings. :)

Our Christmas tree- with all the presents [it always ends up being more than we plan]!

Serra not believing her eyes when she sees what Santa brought her [even though she made sure to tell every Santa she saw- and anyone else who would listen that she wanted a Barbie castle]!

Alex playing with his toy from Santa.

Alex was much more excited that he not only got candy from Santa, but Mommy & Daddy were going to open it for him and let him eat it BEFORE breakfast!

Serra got a new dry erase writing tablet- and the first thing she wrote was her name!

Ian's sister, Lorie, got married on the 30th and so we drove down for the wedding in LA.

[I designed the cake- I was given a picture of the ribbon style she wanted and a huge pile of ribbons and this is what I came up with!]

Serra fractured her right elbow and was in a splint and sling for the wedding pictures... AWESOME!!! Now she has a red cast- too bad we didn't have it for the wedding as it would have actually matched!

December Minus Christmas

Alex is our crazy meat-lover... above he's enjoying a burger and below he's helping Daddy grill some steaks!

Above, we went to Chick-fil-A to ride the free cow train ride... apparently we were the only ones aware of the promo! Below, Serra is all decked out for her preschool Christmas party.

We went to see about 5 different Santas- the one at Harmon's was probably the best.

We also went to the Festival of Trees and Serra had LOTS of fun... she got a candy cane tattoo...
AND her nails painted...
AND helped us find a superhero display to show Alex...
AND managed to find a Christmas tree display with all of the Disney princesses on it!

We attempted to make gingerbread houses this year- this is as far as mine got:

Ian did a little better...

Alex's was made and then quickly demolished.

Serra's was probably the best- and the most enjoyed. :)