Friday, July 31, 2009

July Sillies

Yes, that is permanent marker- luckily, it only took a week to wash off!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello Idaho!

Well, we made it! [A BIG thank you to everyone who helped us move- at one end or the other!] It was very smooth, and everything we brought fits! :) It took me a while to be able to post because we didn't have the modem for our new internet- but obviously we got that today, hooray! Now we have a few days to enjoy our new home before going on vacation! That's right, on Sunday we leave for Washington state to visit Ian's sister and family- first time we've been there, so it should be fun!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goodbye Utah

Well, it's finally arrived- our last days in Utah! I've been living here since the fall of 2000... guess I've had a long enough streak! We had a garage sale on Saturday- made $200 and got rid of a bunch of junk. And we've been packing like crazy all weekend. Tomorrow, we'll move my sister, Paige, out of her apartment and into our house and we'll also move our stuff out of our house. Tuesday morning, we'll make the drive out of state and unload in our new home! It's been kind of sad thinking about leaving- some people/places more than others- but we're really excited to finally be on this leg of our journey that started a year and a half ago! Goodbye, Utah- thanks for the memories!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Serra's *early* Birthday Party

Serra's cake- I made it with the help of my sister.

Serra's "other" cake- this one was for everyone else [individual cupcakes shaped into another bear.]

Serra trying to blow out her usually works better if your lips aren't together...

Serra was SO excited when we told her she could literally dive her face into the cake and "dig in".

But eventually, she decided she wanted to return to civilization and use a fork.

"underwear?..." no, really, once she found out what they were she was VERY excited. [and so is Mommy!]

a pretty new hat that she'll probably never wear for more than 1 minute...

Trying out her new golf set with Daddy.

Serra's absolute favorite gift this year- a baby doll stroller!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Johnson Family Reunion

Here's where we slept- tiny tent on the right [I know, we need to upgrade!]
Ready for the day's activities!
Bull Roping!
Note: I caught BOTH horns!
Serra was the youngest roper, so she got to stand REALLY close.It still took her a few tries, but she finally roped it!More roping.
Ian roped 1 horn. :)
Water balloon launching.
This was probably Serra's favorite activity.
Serra telling Great-Grandma Johnson a story. [a LONG story]
Great-Grandpa Johnson finding Serra's "lizards", "worms" and "snakes" [tickle spots]

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Per Aunt Lorie's Request

As a comment on one of my previous posts about Serra's new frilly dresses, Serra's aunt asked for me to post pics of Serra in her cute new dresses. So... here you go- pictures of Serra posing in each of her new dresses over the last couple weeks.

This one just cracks me up. I bought this dance outfit at a garage sale for super cheap. It's technically a little big, but Serra really wanted to wear it when she saw me buy it, so we put it on her for fun. She kept making the cutest little dance poses- this one is my favorite!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth!

We had a great holiday- here are some pics to prove it!Our day started with the Freedom Run race in Provo. Don't get all excited... we only did the 1 mile- but it was our first official race!

Here are our 4th of July outfits.

We went to a neighborhood breakfast where a firetruck and ambulance showed up and the kids got to walk through them and ask questions.

Serra LOVED the fireworks- here she is holding a sparkler [with a little help from Daddy- she kept holding it far out and shaking it, which doesn't work too well when you're trying to take a picture!]